Become a Star in Writing With These Writing Tools

There is a vast number of web applications and online services for writers of different categories. We can see a lot of them starting from blogging platforms, social networks and ending with EssayShark writing service reviews. The search for such services may end in failure. That is why we decided to do everything for you. Below are some of the best online writing tools that writers can use.

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Writing Editing Tools

Surely, you are already accustomed to using programs such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, Notepad for Windows, and TextEdit for Mac OS. However, if you are always online, you may want to create works and write texts directly in your browser window. Below are the best online text editors:

Google Docs – This is one of the most popular text editors located on the web. Whether you like it or not, the task of the Google Docs package is to replace all of your regular desktop applications with online writing tools for writers that perform the same functions and solve the same tasks.

Zoho Writer – This is just a great app. This service is developing along with Google Docs, and new features are added almost simultaneously. Zoho Writer is a great development that maintains its independent status.

Adobe Buzzword – Just like Google did with the Docs services, Adobe has introduced Buzzword. And just like Google Docs and Zoho Writer, Buzzword seeks to get the attention of as many users as possible. The main feature of this service is a dark interface.

ThinkFree Office Write – This service is not talked about so often, but the ThinkFree application has a variety of functions. It does not matter whether you like this service or not – due to its functional side, this site definitely deserves attention, because it is a great online writing tool.

PicoWrite – Perhaps you will be repelled by the appearance of this application; however, do not judge the book by its cover. Just try to use this service if you want a convenient and reliable text editor.

Microsoft Office Online – If you are fans of Microsoft Word and cannot imagine switching to other software, then you should use the official online version of this text editor.

Online Writing Software for Blogging

Some authors create a blog in order to supplement their independent work. Many journalists use blogs to communicate with their readers. If you want to join the popular movement and start running your own blog, the most popular blogging platforms are presented below.

TypePad – One of the first blogging services, the TypePad platform was created by Six Apart and has always been notable for its stability and versatility.

Movable Type – Also created by Six Apart, the Movable Type platform is a solution for professional blogging. There is support for multiple users, as well as a huge number of different settings. If your blog has grown into a larger project and requires additional employees (from 20 or more), then you should pay attention to this among other online writing tools for authors.

WordPress – Known for its simplicity, openness, and the ability to add add-ons, WordPres is one of the most popular blogging services around the world. This is largely due to the fact that use of the standard version is absolutely free.

Squarespace – Setup is the Squarespace service keyword. Here you can find a variety of functions that you can add or remove. Unlike WordPress, which contains thousands of pages of code, all changes can be applied or canceled with a single mouse movement.

Blogger – Blogger is another simple and convenient writing tool. Blogger is owned by Google and has easy-to-learn features. Thanks to this service, anyone can update and edit their own blog.

Best Online Writing Tools for Microblogging

If we are talking about blogging, then it is worth mentioning the wonderful microblogging services that allow their users to add posts containing limited characters.

Twitter – The most popular microblogging platform is, of course, Twitter. This service has considerable functionality and can be used excellently for marketing and is one of the best writing tools for writers. You can use it to communicate with your friends and co-workers. – This is a microblogging service that has a structure very similar to Twitter. allows its users to write notes easily. You create your own microblog and change it as you like, add to your friends list people whose content you are interested in reading, and start direct communication. It is the same as Twitter, but with your individual design. It should be noted that changing the look of a page is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

Facebook – As a social network that brings together more than 100 million people from around the world, Facebook is one of the fastest ways to share information and stands in the same row next to various IM clients (AIM, Google Talk, etc.). The status function reflects what the user is doing at the moment, and the system is the same as in microblogging. If you have many friends, Facebook features can make your life easier.

Best Writing Tools for Writers for Your Ideas and Notes

Perhaps you have not yet decided to write a separate book or article, but just want to write down a couple of thoughts and interesting ideas that may be useful to you in a future project. We have a list of services, thanks to which you can easily organize your notes.

SpringNote is a user-friendly and intuitive application that will help you deal with notes. We all know that the most extravagant ideas visit us at the moments when there is no laptop or desktop computer at hand. With a separate iPhone app, you never miss a thing.

Evernote – This is an excellent online writing app for managing your notes. Edit, view, and add new entries through the web interface, a separate client for Mac or PC, as well as through the Evernote application for iPhone. And each of these methods has the ability to synchronize.

Zoho Notebook – This application is very much like the Google notebook that was closed in 2012. It allows you to edit text documents anywhere and anytime. It is possible to login using your Google or Yahoo account.

Tools for Writers – Social Networks

Perhaps not every writer is a lover of sincere conversations, but social communication in the network gives people from all over the world a chance to find a pleasant companion, make business contacts, and, consequently, distribute and sell their texts. Below are the various services that will help you communicate with a wide variety of people.

Writer’s Network – This is where you will find a great variety of tips, tricks, and instructions on how to properly create and format your work. In addition, you can present your works to the readers and find out their assessment by conducting a vote.

GoodReads – This social network focuses on your literary tastes and tastes of other users. GoodReads was not created specifically for the authors of their own works, but it provides excellent support to novice and experienced writers. This is one of the writer’s tools where you can get an evaluation for your works. It is built in such a way that gives users faster access to new publications. Support for updated statuses was introduced at GoodReads. This service is great even for the fact that it has an independent position.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a popular website where you can make your business contacts, as well as find personal agents, editors, and other authors. Rest assured, the time spent on LinkedIn will pay off soon.

Facebook – Just visit the page dedicated to the novel series by Stephanie Meyer, “The Twilight Saga,” to understand what effect you can achieve thanks to this social network. Previously we talked about the possibilities of microblogging as one of the tools for writers for promoting and distributing our works. Social networks can easily be used for the same purposes.

Best Tools for Writers for Work and Earnings

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