Best Careers in Writing That Pay Well

If you are passionate about writing, why not make it your career? It doesn’t mean that you need to write a book and wait whether it becomes a bestseller. Many people think that writers live on bread and water. But in fact, there are many career options with decent wages for those who are in love with writing. Usually, paid writing jobs are available both at the office and online.

Best Careers in Writing

Nearly every profession is connected with writing. You may need to write emails to communicate with colleges, partners, write documentation or instructions, etc. We think that every educated person should know how to write well, as it’s essential for nearly every job. If you have decent writing skills and have a strong desire to make writing your everyday job, let’s look on the list of high paying writing jobs available today.

In this article we operate with statistical information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Onet OnLine, and Glassdoor. We have considered only the careers in writing that pay well and that don’t strictly require a degree in a particular field of science. Also we have considered the median annual wage and the need of additional training.

Technical writer

Median annual wage: $70,930 per year/$34.10 per hour
Additional training and experience: Needed

This profession now is in high demand, as many startups and IT companies need people that will describe complex technical processes with concise and easy-to-read text. Technical writers need to write technical documents (user manuals, technical specifications for developers, etc.) for a particular application, program, system, or website. Along with writing documents, you may need to create illustrations, inforgaphics, and video tutorials, as well as shape information in the appropriate format and make it understandable for the target audience.

While this position looks attractive because of the high annual wage, this area can be highly specific. It may require basic knowledge of programming, program testing, and proficiency in scientific terms and technical manuals. Usually, there are no specific requirements for an education degree, but you may need to take a technical writing course offline or online.

Copy writer

Median annual wage: $61,820 per year/$29.72 per hour
Additional training and experience: Preferable

The work of copywriter is about creating texts on certain topics. This involves thorough research of current information on the topic, tracking competitors’ publications, finding informational gaps, and considering the audience’s interest. The copywriter also may create the texts for emails, media campaigns, advertising copies and landing pages, and more. For efficient work, the copywriter should know the basics of SEO, Google analytics, and the keywords planner. It is preferable to possess proficient knowledge in the chosen field, but for active researchers and learners it won’t be a problem to explore all needed information on the topic.

There is no need to take extra courses to become a copywriter, unless you need to know more about SEO or the peculiarities of copywriting.

Creative writer

Median annual wage: $61,820 per year/$29.72 per hour
Additional training and experience: Preferable

Primarily, a creative writer is a person who writes various types of literary pieces: stories, essays, poems, and scripts. In the movie and TV industry, creative writers create scripts for TV shows, series, and movies.

Also, creative writers may create copy for marketing campaigns and texts for advertising (video, print, internet). Some creative writers have built great careers in publishing and selling books.

To succeed in this profession, be ready to produce unique and engaging texts for the audience within a tight deadline. A good creative writer always finds appropriate words to keep the reader’s attention to the content.


Median annual wage: $58,770 per year/$28.25 per hour
Additional training and experience: Preferable

Usually, the work of an editor is connected to improving the readability and quality of previously written text. Along with this routine task, editors frequently need to write guidelines for authors, provide clear commentaries to the text, decide whether the text meets the publication needs, manage a team of writers, and write articles. The list of responsibilities will depend on the sphere you choose and type of editing. You may become a managing editor, copy editor, book/magazine/website editor, etc.

To become an editor you need to have good critical thinking skills, prominent writing skills, and attention to detail. Most editors are former copywriters and creative writers.

Reporters, correspondents, and broadcast news analysts

Median annual wage: $40,910 per year/$19.67 per hour
Additional training and experience: Preferable

The work of journalist is quite flexible. On one side you will need to conduct research of recent information and communicate with various people. On the other side, you may become an expert in a particular field (for example IT, music, movies, etc.) and write analytical articles on related topics, make reviews, lead a blog, and anything else that will make your writing talent shine.

Along with writing skills, you need to possess strong communication skills, easily get along with people, conduct effective research, and be accurate and attentive.

Social media manager

Median annual wage: $59,300 per year/$28.51 per hour
Additional training and experience: Needed

This position doesn’t involve too much writing, but it still will be one of your daily duties. The main job of a social media manager is about creating viral text posts accompanied with a picture. You will need to have extra knowledge in advertising in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can get information over the internet or join paid online or offline courses to obtain the needed knowledge.

To become successful in this sphere, you need to have good experience in promotion within social media platforms, and be ready to experiment and learn.

Academic writer

Median annual wage: $48,580/$20.26 per hour (according to Glassdoor)
Additional training and experience: None

This position is also called ghost writing. It usually involves creating essays, term papers, speeches, presentations, reviews, and other academic assignments. To become an academic writer you don’t need to pass extra courses or have vast experience in writing academic texts. If you have ever written academic texts in college, you will definitely be able to write one on demand. All you need is good writing skills, a university or college degree, and proficiency in English.

The advantages of this position are that you can freely choose the topic to write about, take orders as much as you can handle, and there is no need to have experience on a similar position. Also, you can try academic writing as part-time employment, combining it to your core post, education, etc.

Summing Up

To sum up, we think that one of the most easy-to-start positions among jobs in writing is academic writing. You don’t need to pass extra training or have decent academic writing experience. It’s a great solution for aspiring writers who want to start their writing career and start earning money right away. If you are punctual, attentive to detail, have good English writing skills and know how to easily find information over the internet – this job is for you!

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