How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs and Start Earning Right Away

The internet has given us millions of opportunities. And one big one is the ability to work from home. Many people are afraid of freelance jobs, as it seems that they don’t bring much money. At the same time, freelancing is a great option to earn extra money for those who wish to work from home. There is no need to spend time and money to get to the office, as your time is in your hands. Sitting in your cozy chair, drinking coffee, and doing what you love – what could be better? In this article we will share with you helpful information on how to find freelance writing jobs.

How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

If you want to be sure that your future online work will meet your expectations, we have some advice for you. Consider the following tips before starting to seek for the job:

  • Think about what you want to do. Writing may be required in various positions. What kind of texts do you like to write? Or perhaps you prefer editing texts? Is it appropriate for you to try ghostwriting? Do you want to write texts related to your degree? If the work will be interesting for you, the work will be delightful.
  • State the right price for your work. Look at the prices of freelance writers in the preferred niche and define your own price. Don’t work for beans.
  • Show your interest to the job. Don’t wait until the recruiter or client will find you. Satisfied clients will recommend you to others.
  • Be ready to keep the deadlines. Working at home seems comfortable, but the home interior usually is too relaxing. To be a successful freelance writer, improve your time management skills.
  • Constantly improve your skills. Practice is important, but reading information related to your niche and testing new writing approaches is a key to success.
  • Define the criteria for the desired job. For example, you may prefer a job with payments twice a month, or payments after every completed task. Think what will make the work comfortable and worthy.
  • Create a portfolio. Create your own website as your calling card. While your articles may be copyrighted property, you can create screenshots or previews of your best articles. WordPress and Journo Portfolio will be a help.

If you want to be a productive freelancer, make sure that you have the ability to pick interesting topics and text formats. When you have at least an idea of what your work should be about, you will definitely find the ideal job! Now, let’s explore where to find freelance editing work.

How to Get Freelance Writing Jobs: 4 Opportunities to Try Out

1. Browse popular freelancing marketplaces. Most of them have an advanced search system of available tasks. You need to register and take one of the tasks. The system allows you to leave your request for a job, or choose a task from the database. Some of the tasks will have a fixed price, while others can be completed on hourly terms. Also, for some of them you will need to improve your reputation to get more attractive orders. Here is the list of the most popular:

  • Freelancer. One of the most popular freelancing platforms. It’s free to register in the system, but if you want to find a job quicker, you may need to use paid services. For more information look at their fees and charges section. Also, you can use the application on your iOS or Android device.
  • Upwork. Along with writing opportunities, you can find tasks related to design, marketing, and programming. It may involve additional charges to find more attractive tasks. It is oriented for more experienced freelancers.
  • Guru. More than 2 million employers and freelancers use this service. At Guru you can find various tasks for copywriting, article writing, marketing, and more. Fixed and hourly price options are available.
  • PeoplePerHour. This app was primarily designed as a platform for authors, copywriters, and marketers. It is not a bad place for beginners.
  • SimplyHired. Here you can find both freelance and in-office opportunities.
  • Fiverr. No additional fees or subscription required. You keep 80% of each deal.
  • Writers.EssayShark. If you are a fan of academic writing and you are ready to share your knowledge with those who have troubles with written assignments, this place is for you!

Consider the fact that most of these platforms charge fees for their mediation services. Look through the platforms and choose those that have the highest number of jobs available. Also, check whether the website proposes recent tasks.

2. Browse LinkedIn for freelance writing opportunities. Many freelancers underestimate or just don’t know that you can find freelance job opportunities on LinkedIn. Here you can find information about a company and have an opportunity to get in contract with the company for a freelance job. Don’t forget to optimize your LinkedIn profile and expand your network to find more job opportunities. And at last, just mention in your profile that you are open to new opportunities.

3. Networking. Ask you friends, ex-coworkers, and followers whether they need the help of a professional writer. Make a post on Facebook that you are searching for a freelance job and ask your friends to share it. Also, join social media groups that offer freelance jobs. Look at the available freelancer writer groups and attend meetups.

4. Visit various websites of projects connected with design, marketing, and copywriting. Usually, such businesses collaborate with various websites that need content. Even if you don’t find vacancies available, you can write to them proposing your services.

If you want to earn more money, get prepared for constant and responsible work! As a freelancer, you need to work for your personal brand. Find the most preferable niche, choose the platform, and start completing your first order! The growing number of completed works and high rating will show prospective employees and clients that you are a professional in what you do.

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