Writers’ reviews

“…I am grateful for the opportunity to work for EssayShark…”

I am grateful for the opportunity to work for EssayShark. EssayShark is a highly esteemed company that offers writers the opportunity to explore their potential to the fullest. Additionally, the support team reacts promptly to any query raised. The clients are wonderful; hence, I like the whole experience. However, my only concern is that it’s quite challenging to bid for jobs as a new writer. Still, I appreciate the opportunity and hope to work for EssayShark for a long time.

Kind Regards,

“…My Experience with EssayShark.com…”

I am a relatively new writer, as I was given an account during the last week of 2012. I have managed to do only three orders. Currently, I am on my fourth one. It has been frustrating to apply for orders and not to be given any, especially, after getting the very first order for which I had applied. Nevertheless, I am happy that I am getting orders now.

The EssayShark.com site is very easy to navigate. I have been lucky to deal with very supportive customers in all the orders I have handled, except the one who seemed to interrogate me to get material, but never gave me the order. Administrators have been superb. I was really impressed when I received an email asking why I had done only one job. I wrote back and the feedback was encouraging. Essayshark.com is the best freelance writing service I know because it offers equal opportunities to all writers.

I look forward to even better experience.


“…I have worked for two other companies before coming to Essayshark…”

I have worked for two other companies before coming to Essayshark. Those jobs were both good, but there was always something that I found particularly inconvenient: the communication with the customer was always through a third party – the support operators. This almost always caused big delays in replies, so when I needed to clarify instructions or find out customer’s opinion, I had to wait and often, when pressured by the deadline, I had to write the paper without ever hearing back from the support operator. I wondered why the companies didn’t make it possible for me to communicate with my customers directly. When I found out about Essayshark, I registered as a writer the next day and haven’t regretted this decision for a minute. Live chat with customers makes the work progress so much faster and more efficiently! Besides, I find it particularly useful to get to know my customer’s opinion as I write the paper and I try to make amendments as we go.

“…Essayshark.com is a reputable website, where writers get fairly paid for their job…”

Essayshark.com is a reputable website where writers get paid fairly for their job. My working day starts by checking on the available orders list and choosing the orders in which I specialize: business, marketing and e-commerce. I check the order’s details and estimate how much time and resources it would take me to write it – I place my bid based on these criteria. Next, I start chatting with the customer and writing a preview if the customer wants to check my qualifications before choosing me. From this moment on, I ask my customers’ opinions about the drafts I write and it is great that I can fix things before the paper is actually completed, so I don’t have to rewrite much and instead, just change the course and continue in a new direction. By now, I have already earned a number of repeat customers, who request me every time, and this motivates me to keep doing what I am good at – academic writing.

“…Great working environment and user-friendly interface is what I like the most…”

Great working environment and user-friendly interface is what I like the most. The text pad is really useful because it records the progress of my work and instantly transmits it to the customer. What can be cooler? The chat and the bidding system are also fair tools towards all of us, because nobody but the customer chooses the writer. So here my job is to show that I stand up to every star in my rating, which is also an awesome feature. I can rate my customers and they can rate my work, so it is a mutual evaluation. I think the website is very fair not only to customers, but also to writers.

“…I have really enjoyed working for Essayshark…”

I have really enjoyed working for Essayshark. The way the system allows the customer to pay in parts helps the writer to avoid fraudulent customers and to earn progressively. The system also allows the writer to understand what the customer wants in detail and thus, avoid wasting time by doing the wrong work. When the customer is satisfied with the paper and pays for the last part of the paper, the order is considered finished. That is a great advantage. Once the writer is done with the order, the next one is started. Finally, the fact that you can pick several unlimited orders is also a thumbs up.

However, the support is sometimes slow in response. The mode of payment is not convenient for me. I wish there was the moneybookers or payoneer option. You also need to come up with a way of accommodating diagrams and figures and ensuring that a customer pays without defrauding the writer.

I hope my comments will be taken kindly.

Best Regards

“…When my account on EssayShark.com was approved, I started placing bids immediately…”

When my account on EssayShark.com was approved, I started placing bids immediately. I must confess that it was not easy to get the first order as, sometimes, customers are reluctant to assign orders to new writers. However, I was lucky and got my first one. I worked hard on the order and it was worth it, as the customer gave me the highest rating and was extremely satisfied with the paper. Now it is much easier to obtain orders because I have a good rating. I am impressed by the fact that every writer works for reputation and may become a top writer by simply providing quality papers.

“…EssayShark.com is an excellent opportunity for freelance writers…”

EssayShark.com is an excellent opportunity for freelance writers. I have been employed by EssayShark for almost a year. It is my main source of income. At the beginning of my employment, I was very worried about the payment procedure. Will I receive the money I earned? Actually, I received my first payment. Though from time to time there are delays in payments, money you request is always paid out to you.

I have had the negative experience of dealing with fraudulent customers. Partially, it was my fault. I used to upload whole papers at once without waiting for customers to release payment for each part. Some customers took advantage of me and paid me nothing at all. Then, I was advised by administrators of the site to upload every paper in parts (I was aware of the Parts Rule before, but didn’t use it). My experience taught me. Having taken the advice on board, I now have a great number of finished and fully paid orders.

“…Have I enjoyed working for EssayShark.com? Of course, I have!…”

Have I enjoyed working for EssayShark.com? Of course, I have! There is no other site offering better working conditions for writers. What I like the most is the rating system. Customers rate writers and, simultaneously, writers rate customers as collaboration from the customer’s side is also important. Hence, before placing a bid, you can study the customer’s profile, other writers’ comments and rating of a particular writer. Only then do you decide whether or not you want to work with such a customer. There are great customers; however, there are picky ones as well, so you need a lot of patience to work with them. What I really appreciate is hearing from the customers the words ‘I will definitely recommend you to my friends and request you if I need any more papers’. Such customers encourage me to work even better!

“…It seems to me that EssayShark.com is constantly developing…”

It seems to me that EssayShark.com is constantly developing. The most recent feature implemented is the Support Team. Now, you can address all your questions and concerns directly to the Support Team. You can even express your suspicions regarding customers you consider fraudulent and the Support Team will study the case in detail and inform you of the outcome. Although there is the Support Team on EssayShark now, there is no interference in customer-writer communication but help is available when you need assistance.

The one thing I am not so much in favour of is the 100-word preview. It’s such a tedious business for me. You write 100 words on the topic of the order and then you have to wait for the customer’s feedback. If the customer doesn’t like your preview, your bid can be rejected. Sometimes it is so disappointing! There are also customers who won’t assign the order to you until you provide a preview. Nevertheless, I have enough orders in progress right now and I am happy about that.