How to Become a Better Writer – Necessary Tips and Advice

Finding tips on how to become a better writer is not at all difficult. Therefore, we tried to choose the most interesting, and most importantly, previously unknown, tips. So, let’s find out how you can write better using helpful tips.

how to become a better creative writer

Tips on How to Write Better

  • You will not always like what you write

Nine times out of ten I don’t like what I write. When I reread drafts and articles that were written several years ago, I feel a little uneasy. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get better. In order to become a better writer, you need to write a lot. And you will not always like the result. This is okay.

  • Publishing is not as important as many think

It’s the same as to think that the tea ceremony is necessary for the sake of tea. In fact, the ceremony is necessary for the ceremony. The same thing is with writing. You should not strive only to ensure that your book or article gets published. The publication should clearly be in the list of your priorities, but do not give it the highest priority. Write in order to write.

  • Writing well is telling the truth

The truth seems to be the easiest to write. After all, it is much more difficult first to think up something, give it a shape, and write. In fact, it is quite the contrary. Writing the truth so that it is interesting and understandable to the reader is as difficult as to bathe a cat.

  • If you do not know what to write about, start from childhood

Write about the very beginning. Write about the time when you just started to sense yourself and the world around. If your childhood was bad, you will get a dark story; if it was good, you will get a bright and colorful story. However, no matter how your childhood was, at first the result of your work will still be terrible, but the main thing is to start. When you start to remember all the details of your childhood, you may come up with so much material that you do not understand how you can write about everything. In such a case, limit the scope and write about particular events, time periods, or people. The process of becoming a better writer will be much easier for you if you learn how to write about yourself and events that occurred in your life.

  • Sit down to write at the same time every day

Such a ritual will teach the subconscious to engage in creative activity. Sit at the table at 9 am, or at 7 pm, or at 2 am – whenever you like. At the first hour, you probably just look at a white sheet of paper or a computer screen, feeling like an idiot. Then you start to swing from side to side. You will begin to pop your fingers, to stretch yourself, pet a cat, bite your nails or your lip. And only then can you start writing.

  • It is better to write in small portions

If you have a plan to create incredible work, then because of the fear of its size, you may be dumbstruck. Write in small portions. Do not be afraid to take a pause and relax. Do not try to master everything at once, but write in small portions – so you will not lose your mind. You cannot get skills of better writing immediately.

  • Do not be afraid of disgusting drafts

While reading a book of Stephen King, Charles Bukowski, or Salinger, you think that such stories appear during the first writing. This is not true. All good writers have their first disgusting drafts. And then the second, third, and fourth ones. Then they have a tolerable draft, and only after that something sensible appears. Creativity is not easy for almost all, even great writers. And the only way to start writing is to write a weak, disgusting draft.

  • Perfectionism – the enemy of the writer

The desire to be perfect will haunt you constantly. On the one hand, this is good, on the other – perfectionism kills creativeness in the text. Trying to get rid of unnecessary rubbish, you will reduce and change the text until it becomes dry and lifeless. If you want to know how to be a better writer, you should forget about perfectionism.

  • The author needs to be endearing

Think of your favorite actors. You’re probably ready to watch even the worst movie if your favorite actor is in it, aren’t you? You would even watch the weather forecast without stopping if your favorite actor broadcasts it. The same thing is with writing. You, as an author, should have to be endearing. If your view of life coincides with the views of the reader and you can express those thoughts that also came to the reader’s mind, then it is not so important what happens in your book. He or she will read it anyway.

  • Present your material to someone

Find a good friend, relative, or colleague and ask him or her to impartially evaluate what you wrote. They don’t have to be writers either, because you probably are writing for ordinary people. It is much easier for another person to see all the flaws and gaps in your text, and they exist, no doubt.

How to Get Better at Writing – Famous Writers’ Advice

In order to write a work that will attract a wide range of readers, you need to have a lot of practice and know the basics of writing skills. Advice from great writers who shared their “recipes” for writing a good book will help with that. They will help you to understand how to be a good writer.

Stephen King

The King of Horror has issued many outstanding bestsellers. His book “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” combines memories, thoughts of the writer, and a program for young talents. The book was written after Stephen was hit by a car. After such an event, he revised many things in his life.

  • The description begins in the writer’s imagination, and ends in the reader’s imagination.
  • Try to write better and remember that writing adverbs is a human weakness, and writing “he said” or “she said” is the perfection of the gods.
  • Everything begins with the following: put a table in a corner and every time you start writing, remind yourself why it is not in the middle of the room. Life is not a supporting system for art. Quite the contrary.
  • If you do not have time to read good books, then there is no time (or skills) to write. It’s simple.

Neil Gaiman

An English science fiction writer gives his inexperienced colleagues a number of useful tips that give an idea how to become a good writer. Here is a list of these recommendations:

  • Write all the time.
  • Be in constant search for the right word and write it down.
  • Always bring your work to its end.
  • Keep a fresh, unbiased look at your literature. Read like you are seeing the work for the first time in your life. Show it to your friends and acquaintances who know a lot about books of this genre.
  • It should be borne in mind that if your reader does not like something in the text, then in most cases he or she says a reasonable thing. But when he or she starts giving advice and clarifying what exactly is wrong, he or she is often mistaken.
  • Correct your creations. Remember that before your work will be polished to an ideal state, you will have to leave it and start writing something else.
  • Enjoy your wit.
  • It should be remembered that faith in yourself and the confidence that you are doing everything correctly will help to bring to life anything. Write your work as sincerely and as well as you can.

Ray Bradbury

In Bradbury’s book “Zen in the Art of Writing” there are both tips on creating your own style and strategy of behavior with publishers, as well as some moments from the author’s biography. This book can truly be called the handbook of any beginner in literature, because this work is filled with incredible wisdom of life and provides tips for better writing.

  • The main secret of creativity is to treat your ideas as cats – just make them follow you.
  • Read those books that sharpen your perception of color, shape, and global scale.

Kurt Vonnegut

The American writer in his work “Bagombo Snuff Box” presented the main ways to write better short stories:

  • Create a character to whom your reader will easily get used.
  • Every character of your story should desire something, even if it is just a glass of water.
  • The sentence must either show the character of the hero, or describe the action.
  • Let the beginning of the story be close to a logical conclusion.
  • Write as if you are doing it for one person, because if you try to please everyone, you sign your story a death warrant.
  • It is not necessary to keep the intrigue, and then give the information all at once at the end.
  • If cockroaches eat the last pages of your work, your reader should be able to complete the story on their own.

Ernest Hemingway

Although the writer said that talking about his craft is a useless exercise, he still had some thoughts about this in stories, interviews, letters, and articles. Such thoughts can be used as tips to become a better writer:

  • First, you need talent, great talent. Talent such as Kipling had. Then there must be self-discipline. Flaubert’s self-discipline. Then you need a clear idea of what this prose can be, and you need to have a conscience, absolutely the same, unchanged as the meter-standard in Paris, in order to avoid faking. Then the writer is required intelligence and disinterestedness, and most importantly, the ability to survive. Try to find all these in one person, despite the fact that this person will be able to overcome all these influences that press the writer. The most difficult thing for him is because little time exists to survive and get the work done.
  • All good books are similar to the fact that they are more truer than reality, and when you finish reading, you have the feeling that everything described happened to you, and then it all belongs to you: good and evil, the ecstasy, the remorse and sorrow, people, places, and even weather. If you can give it all to people, then you are a writer.
  • The greatest gift of a good writer is a built-in, stress-resistant, bullshit detector. This is a writer’s radar, and all good authors have it.
  • All my life I looked at the words as if I had seen them for the first time.

Books to Read to Become a Better Writer

“Create Your Own Universe” by Miles and Greg McLeod

If any idea doesn’t let you go, if you want to create an animated film, graphic novel, film, TV series, or write a book, then it is difficult to know where to start the realization of this dream. Even if you know exactly what you want to say to the world, by performing entertaining creative tasks and reading the tips from this book, you can recharge with new ideas. The book shows how to work with brilliant ideas, and how to arrange raw material into something coherent and share it with the world. It will help you to understand how to become a better creative writer.

“No Plot? No Problem!” by Chris Baty

Chris Baty is the founder of the literary marathon National Novel Writing Month, in which hundreds of thousands of participants write their stories in a month, and also share their secrets and strategies to write a good story in a short time. In his book, Baty shares plans and techniques that will help you in a short time to create a real masterpiece and to understand how to get better at creative writing. The main thing is to start.

“Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need” by Blake Snyder

This guide is about screenwriting, which provides answers to most questions that arise when creating a script. The author of the book is screenwriter and producer Blake Snyder, who describes techniques that will help create a script with good commercial potential, vivid characters, and a memorable title, and will teach how to get better writing skills.

“Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott

Do you think you have an unwritten book sitting inside you? Anne Lamott is ready to help you get it out. She will show where to find inspiration, motivation, how to find your own style, starting with bad drafts and ending with the weirdness of communication with publishers. She will also show ways to become a better writer.

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